mardi 14 février 2017

Vampire Diaries
Hello everyone , today I wanna talk about my best serie so far is Vampire Diaries . I completely fall in love with this serie , I find it a science fiction serie but I don't know why people keep saying that is a love serie or maybe I m just too special  that I can have another vision of this serie .Vampire diaries has literally changed my life I have not missed one episode, it is the only show that I have followed from the beginning, no other show has kept me this interested to keep watching. I am very upset to know that this is the last season, I would do anything to see it continue for at least 3 more seasons , we need to see what happens to everyone's lives please find something way to keep this show going. I'm not ready to let Damon , stefan, caroline, bonnie and even the hope that Elena will come back and her and Damon will lie happily ever after. We need a few more seasons before you end it PLEASE!
I recommend you to watch it ,it's a really special serie .But it takes me a lot of time  for watching it . 

3 commentaires:

  1. Hello Yassine. I read your blog post about Vampire Diaries. I have not personally seen the series but a lot of my friends have seen it and many of them have also said it was a very good show. After I complete my current series, Grey's Anatomy, I will begin watching it. Here in the United States, many people watching TV series and movies on a system called Netflix. Once you have an account, you can chose from a vast list of movies and TV shows that are constantly changing and updating. Where do you watch Vampire Diaries in Tangier? If you want to check out my blog and my favorite TV series, click on this link.

  2. Hi, I totally relate to you because I wrote about the same series. Vampire Diaries is also my favorite and I agree with you completely that once you start watching you can't stop. Who is your favorite character? Do you think you will ever re-watch the series? I'm thinking about starting at season one and watching again if I get some free time. If you get a chance you should check out my blog, there is a link below.

  3. Hi Yassine, I loveeeeee vampire diaries it is by far my favorite show ever!! I have watched the series 2 times now and I feel like I could watch it a million times more. I'm so sad that tomorrow is the series finally. I hope Elena comes back and I hope Katherine leaves, I hate Katherine!!! Another great show I would recommend is 90210 it's super good!:)