lundi 9 novembre 2015

All about me

Hi guys my name is Yassine Hajji , my friends call me hajjito,I live in Morroco,Tangier I m16 years old and  I study in a French school it s kind of difficult right here.Well today I m gonna talk about how people live in this country and what they are doing during their free times.  

 We can find Morroco at north of Africa it s a develloping country it s behind Spain, and Tangier one of the best city in Morroco you can find 2 beaches here and it s a stratigic city . This is just a wikipedia description by me Tangier is the best city because there si a wonderful weither and smart people (ignore dirty-minded) one of the best places here we called it "Boulvard" this is a short discripion about my coutry and city .

 Let speak now about my school.My scool name is "Detroit (D3)",in this school there is so many differrent teachers and students ( bad and good ) i can tell you  that i m one of the bad ones i don t know how i used to be one of them but no problem i respect teachers notice . Detroit has 3 section kindergarten ,college and highschool by the way i m in my first year on high school.Let speak about the good side here  the only thing i find it cool here is english class and soprt cause i m too good on it  and we are free sunday mornning and wednesday afternoon.Let speak about the bad side here hahah...There is no showers so u will stay dirty after sport and we hace kind of a difficult system cause like we have to study 9 hours for a day .

You already know my name ,my dad's name is Hassan,my mother's name is Najiya, and i have 1 sister called Aicha she s 8 years old.By the way you know my shool days . Now i m gonna speak about my free times well at wednesday afternoon i have to play basketball with my mates and I should do my homeworks  after i can use PC to talk with some friends and play some video games . Saturday mornning i should wake up very earlier to practice at running after i take a shower.Then I do all my favourite things like playing video games and Saturday night i go out with my friends to take the dinner and have fun . Sunday it s the boring day i spend all of this day to do homeworks and sleep earlier.

Now you know too  much about me , tell me now about you
PS: tell me anything u want lear n more about me or about my country