mercredi 28 septembre 2016


   About me:

Hi guys my name is Yassine Hajji , my friends call me hajjito,I live in Morroco,Tangier I m16 years old and  I study in a French school it s kind of difficult right here.Well today I m gonna talk about how people live in this country and what they are doing during their free times.  

About my country:

 We can find Morocco at north of Africa it s a develloping country it s behind Spain, and Tangier one of the best city in Morroco you can find 2 beaches here and it s a stratigic city . This is just a wikipedia description by me Tangier is the best city because there si a wonderful weither and smart people (ignore dirty-minded) one of the best places here we called it "Boulvard" this is a short discripion about my coutry and city .

        I'm so proud about my country I find it the best country in all of Afriqua . Morocoo has many different people; hard working people ,blithsome people ,genius and smart people and in the other side dumb and craziest people you will ever seen ... And i do like building in morocco, that they are getting better and better by getting new malls and stuff . Morocco  is the first country in the world  getting rid of plastic. It is wondderfull concept by giving this country new ideas about him .

         And the thing that I don't like in here  is that there some sick-minded people that they are harassing others in the streets .So i feel that my country don't have that much security and it's the only bad side that i can find abou it .