mercredi 23 novembre 2016

Musical Taste

    As everyone knows me , It's yassine , and today I'd like to share with my feelings about music.Well I 'm so interrested to music , she 's the one thing that brings me back to live when I feel so depressed and... I don't have a specially genre that I'm used to listen , I just listen to every single music that makes me  getting deep with the emotions ( happy, unhappy , love ...) . For the moment my specials music that I'm listning to are "in the name of love " for Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha ," I hate you I love you " by Gnash and the my last favourite music that i really love it makes me to feel safety and enjoying .. I don't have even the words to express my self for this one "Rae sremmurd " by Black Beatles . I really recommend you listning to it , It specially feels  good at the beginning of the track .
  Well it s your turn now to tell me how you taste music on your own , you must me be different as I do !