mardi 14 février 2017

Vampire Diaries
Hello everyone , today I wanna talk about my best serie so far is Vampire Diaries . I completely fall in love with this serie , I find it a science fiction serie but I don't know why people keep saying that is a love serie or maybe I m just too special  that I can have another vision of this serie .Vampire diaries has literally changed my life I have not missed one episode, it is the only show that I have followed from the beginning, no other show has kept me this interested to keep watching. I am very upset to know that this is the last season, I would do anything to see it continue for at least 3 more seasons , we need to see what happens to everyone's lives please find something way to keep this show going. I'm not ready to let Damon , stefan, caroline, bonnie and even the hope that Elena will come back and her and Damon will lie happily ever after. We need a few more seasons before you end it PLEASE!
I recommend you to watch it ,it's a really special serie .But it takes me a lot of time  for watching it .